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SINGAPORE: Non-governmental organizations and unions said Wednesday that some migrant workers employed by Shanghai Heavy Industries had to use their personal savings to pay for food and transportation.

Tuesday afternoon, nine men Block the entrance to the Ang Mo Kio buildingheld up a sign with the company name Shanghai Chong Kee in Mandarin and demanded a salary.

The company’s safety chief said the protest was a payment dispute between his company and subcontractor Zhengda Corporation. Nine workers were his Zhengda Corporation employees, six of which he worked in Shanghai Chong Kee for renovations at the Ang Mo Kio site.

According to Zhengda Corporation, Shanghai Chong Kee has not paid for weeks. The latter later issued two checks, according to the project director of Zhengda Corporation.

On Tuesday evening, staff from the Migrant Workers Center (MWC) visited S11 Dormitory @ Punggol to meet workers from Shanghai Chonky.

MWC said it learned from conversations with 30 migrant workers employed by companies and staying in dormitories that many of them faced employment problems.

In some cases, workers had to use their personal savings to pay for food and transportation.

“To provide urgent temporary relief until their issues are resolved, MWC will immediately procure caterers to provide daily meals for the company’s approximately 200 workers living in S11 dormitories. MWC and the Building, Construction and Timber Industry Workers Union (BATU) said in a joint statement.

MWC also checked the physical and emotional state of workers and, where necessary, offered assistance in resolving welfare-related issues.

The NGO informed the Ministry of Labor (MOM) of its findings and said it would assist the ministry in reaching a “quick solution” to all outstanding employment issues facing migrant workers in Zhengda Corporation and Shanghai Chong Kee. rice field.

BATU will contact the management of both companies to ensure that the interests of workers are protected.

“Workers facing workplace issues do not need to resolve these issues on their own and can instead seek assistance from BATU and MWC,” the organization said.

“It is in the interests of businesses to take care of their employees. In this regard, we encourage businesses to contact MWC and BATU if they need advice or support in managing workplace and employment-related matters.

“Also remind all employers to act responsibly towards their workers and comply with the regulations governing employment, care and protection.”

On Tuesday, police said nine men were helping with the investigation. Officers told the men to cease operations at that point, and they complied, police added.

The MOM said it had been warned about the incident and that workers were guaranteed support by the MOM and the Tripartite Alliance for Conflict Management. Some migrant workers hired by Shanghai Chong Kee had to use personal savings for food, transportation: MWC, BATU

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