SMRT appoints board of inquiry to look into fatal accident at Ang Mo Kio depot, Singapore News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – SMRT has appointed a board of inquiry – chaired by a board member and an independent mechanical engineering expert – to look into a fatal accident at its Automotive Services workshop in Ang Mo Kio depot on Sunday (June 6).

One SMRT technician was killed and another injured when a car jack supporting a bus they were working on gave way .

The transport operator said in a Facebook post on Friday that three technicians had attended to the inspection and rectification of a minibus’ loose steering wheel on Sunday morning. They used two car jacks to lift the front of the mini-bus and two of them proceeded with repair works under the vehicle.

In a preliminary update on the workplace incident, SMRT said the two workers were injured and immediately taken to hospital, where one of them died. The other was treated, has been discharged and is on medical leave.

Police said it received a call asking for assistance at around 9.40am on Sunday.

A 44-year-old man was conscious when taken to hospital, it added. Another 43-year-old man was unconscious and later died from his injuries at the hospital.

The two technicians were taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in Yishun, said the Singapore Civil Defence Force, adding that one had serious head injuries, while the other complained of chest pains.

SMRT said its immediate priority is to provide support to the family of the dead worker, and to offer counselling and support to the recovering technician.

Following the incident, an immediate safety time-out was implemented at all Automotive Services workshops. All lifting equipment were also inspected followed by staff briefings on work instructions and safety guidelines.

SMRT said it is assisting the police and the Ministry of Manpower in their separate investigations. Further updates will be issued in due course.

The Workplace Safety and Health Council on Thursday said the technicians were working under a bus which was raised using two car jacks. The vehicle fell on the workers when one of the jacks collapsed.

The council said such accidents could be prevented if proper vehicle-jacking equipment – designed for the load of the vehicle being raised – was used. Car jacks designed to support a fraction of the weight of a bus should not be used.

It added that jacks must be secured, and additional stands or props should be used to “provide additional support when lifting heavy vehicles like buses, trucks and lorries”.

“Where available, use a vehicle maintenance pit or purpose-built vehicle ramp or lift to safely access the bottom of a vehicle,” the council stated.

Sunday’s incident is the second workplace fatality for SMRT in two years. In March last year, one of its technical officers died while working at Bishan Depot. He was hit in the face by a 5kg rod that flew out from a piece of heavy equipment.

Mr Muhammad Afiq Senawi, 30, was operating a hydraulic press machine when a spacer rod flew out of the machine, broke through fencing and hit him in the face.

These incidents followed other serious worksite mishaps at SMRT.

In 2016, two trainees aged 24 and 26 were killed on a track near Pasir Ris MRT station.

In 2018, a 59-year-old worker had his right foot amputated after it was crushed by a maintenance train.

The 2016 tragedy was found to have been caused by a failure to impose safety protocols while the cause of the other incident has not yet been made known.

SMRT appoints board of inquiry to look into fatal accident at Ang Mo Kio depot, Singapore News & Top Stories Source link SMRT appoints board of inquiry to look into fatal accident at Ang Mo Kio depot, Singapore News & Top Stories

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