Singaporean rapper Yung Raja launches fashion label Peace Oeuvre

I just dropped his latest music video Spice boy, Yung Raja has taken the next logical step in his creative career. He has launched a fashion brand.

A Singaporean rapper teased his new brand Peace Oeuvre on Instagram and introduced his first collection. A mix of casual and everyday items such as unisex T-shirts, drawstring hoodies and face masks.

The work is adorned with branded monicas, colorful prints and embroidered patches of the Peace Oeuvre logo (a symbol of peace and a cross of hearts), nodding to the pleasing philosophy behind the label.

“”[It’s] Building my team and the brand I’m working on, PEACEO EUVRE, has been crazy for months. Today we are excited to share that we are really close to launch !!! ”I shared Yung Raja on his Facebook page.

The collection will be dropped on the Peace Oeuvre website at 6 pm on Friday, August 6th. Here, fans can sign up and be notified of the release.

Yung Raja hasn’t released a full album yet, but at the age of 25, he’s rippling as a rapper with a unique blend of Tamil and English lyrics. Last year he was popularized by word of mouth with singles such as “The Dance Song” and “Mami”. The latter has been picked up recently. Tonight’s show, Sponsored by Jimmy Fallon.

Yonraja’s entry into fashion is not surprising at all. With his distinctive vibrant style, bilingual rappers have attracted the attention of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Coaches, invited to fashion shows and events, and sporting new collections. He also follows the playbook of contemporary rappers who have worked on clothing and product design to expand the creative world, from creator Tyler to Travis Scott.

Header Photo Credit: Yung Raja / Twitter

Singaporean rapper Yung Raja launches fashion label Peace Oeuvre

Source link Singaporean rapper Yung Raja launches fashion label Peace Oeuvre

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