Singapore shifts from “obstruction” to “repression” in a report on the freedom of citizens of the world

According to an annual report by Civicus Monitor researchers, Singapore has been classified as the second worst category to date in terms of civil liberties.

City-states have been downgraded from “disturbed” to “repressed.” People Under Attack 2021 Report of about 200 countries that joined 48 countries such as Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Myanmar.

This is primarily due to the reduced freedom of speech, press and activity in Singapore, a report co-produced by 20 civil society groups around the world said. It is also the first time in Singapore with police permission to take into account the country’s respect for public meetings of countries within the scope of the Public Order Act.

“Despite allegations of democracy, the Singaporean government has used vague and overly broad laws such as defamation, online fraud and manipulation protection (POFMA), and the Public Order Act. We have systematically eliminated public freedom. Actionism and muzzleless speech, “said civil space researcher Joseph Benedict.

Other countries whose freedom was downgraded were Poland, South Africa and Nicaragua. More governments around the world are limiting civil rights in the name of pandemic restrictions.Only 39 countries The rest were rated “narrow,” “obstructed,” “suppressed,” and at worst “closed.”

POFMA, called the Fake News Act, has so far been quickly used to silence Singaporean activists and political critics. Online citizens Website. He and political blogger Leong Sze Hian have also been sued by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for defamation of online postings.

“Defamation has become a common way to silence reporters, and press freedom is increasingly threatened in Singapore,” a CIVICUS press release said.

It also includes Singapore’s decision to accept only some of the recommendations recently proposed by the UN Human Rights Council, the arrest of peaceful demonstrators by Singaporean authorities, and the government’s latest controversy allegedly to counter foreign intervention. Emphasized the law to brew.

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Singapore shifts from “obstruction” to “repression” in a report on the freedom of citizens of the world

Source link Singapore shifts from “obstruction” to “repression” in a report on the freedom of citizens of the world

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