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General Lee’s speech was ‘very clear’

When asked how he felt about General Lee’s speech, Dr. Ng said many leaders were impressed by him and said his position was “very clear.”

“I’m glad you kept your cool. It’s up to the listener to like the content, but the clarity was, if you like, where the red line is. How does that affect each country?” Each country will have to decide, ”he added.

In his Sunday morning plenary address, Dr. Ng gave examples of regular interactions at all levels between US and Chinese officials “until about a decade ago.” The last time US and Chinese defense ministers visited each other was in 2018.

Dr Ng told reporters:

“I swear, when you put the soldiers of two armies together, they click… It takes time. We would like to establish such a relationship, and I am confident that over time, both countries will establish it.”

“We are mere observers, but as I said earlier, we are not indifferent bystanders. We have a vested interest in making sure the lines of communication between the US and China are good.

Ng also made some observations about a Chinese warship that sailed in the vicinity on Saturday in a “dangerous manner”. American warships passing through the Taiwan Straitannounced by the U.S. military.

All countries are “concerned about large or fast-moving objects approaching each other,” Ng said.

“That’s why, ASEAN, we have worked hard to prevent that from happening,” he added, referring to two guidelines for unplanned air and sea encounters between ASEAN countries.

“The incident happened…and (that’s) exactly what we’re talking about. If that happens, who are you going to call? The Ghostbusters?” Dr. Ng said jokingly.

In assessing what the outcome of this year’s Shangri-La Dialogue would have been, Dr. Ng said that if there had not been such a dialogue at this time, “we would have very much needed it.” said to him.

“In that sense, the Shangri-La Dialogue has played a role and is clearly an affirmation of bridging the current gap,” he added. Singapore has a ‘vested interest’ in making good U.S.-China lines: Ng En Heng

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