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At the heart of Qatar’s World Cup is an alumni Singaporean. Muhammad Taki Aljafari Jaharidebuted as a VAR (video assistant referee).


He is one of 24 VARs and will be the only black man from ASEAN who is the main feather in his cap.

By reaching the top of this World Cup, Taki, Those who have acquired a Bachelor of Science (Honours 2nd Class), I am thrilled to be following in the footsteps of the late George Suppier, who was the first Asian to referee the final in what was then West Germany in 1974.

“really really sentimentalI was so happy I could cry. I never expected this appointment and coming from a country like Singapore where we were born and raised. very few Countries on the world map “Taqi” Said.

Only four other Singaporeans were selected for the world’s most prestigious competition.our event: Suppiah and Shamsul Maidin were referees at the 1974 and 2006 World Cups (both in Germany) respectively, and K. Visvanathan was the assistant referee at the 2002 World Cup. South Korea/Japan and Jeffrey Goh were reserve assistant referees at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Personally, I know Taki from the S League. Referee of the Year of 2014 When AFFMore (ASEAN Football Federation) Referee of the YearIt has entered 2017, As he describes it, he worked hard to make this “dream come true.”

He said: “This is what I really wanted as the ultimate dreamYour role can be referee, assistant referee, VAR referee and even reserve referee. But every role you’ve been assigned at the World Cup reflects the tremendous hard work you’ve done over the last few years. ”

Takizu The journey began when he was 16 years old. as a young man he Polished your soccer skills with friends on the void deck.BHe eventually joined the hockey team because his school did not offer a soccer extracurricular activity.

“We were into football, so football was just entertainment, and we played football socially with our friends at school,” he said. I remembered.

“When I picked up referee Of course, it was to find out more about the game. There is no such thing as a deep interest in so-called refereeing, L.of aws G.Grassroots level, amateur level games between candy and referees.

Normal time 19 years, teens crave to Debut as a football player for the national team or age group. “But for me, having made my debut as a referee, I think it put a lot of pressure on me … because I am a very experienced player on the field of play, whether it is a local player or an international player. I was facing even ,” said Taqi.

Congratulations. His Taqi from Singapore will be honored for reaching the level of his FIFA World Cup.

Suresh Nair is an award-winning sports journalist, qualified international coach and international refereeing instructor.

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