Should I use skin care with bee ingredients? Bskin’s Chia Su-Mae says so

The beauty industry often sticks to new things, such as the latest ingredients. But when Chia Su-Mae started B Skin in 2015, she was based on something with a long and renowned history.

“Bee ingredients are neither flashy nor novel. They have been used as medicines and in cosmetological treatments for centuries. Having these trial and error ingredients as the basis of my brand. Gave me the confidence to get it done, “she says.

She came up with this idea when a customer in the family bee health business began looking for skin care with honey, royal jelly, propolis and pollen. They were convinced that applying them to the skin in the same way they consumed them would give great results. The desire to help others build confidence further stimulated her determination.

“I’m proud of every product award, but the biggest reward is that our customers send us photos and introductory texts before and after the product dramatically improved their skin,” she says.

As a former corporate lawyer, she had to abandon the stability and structure of being just an employee. “Knowing that someone else’s salary or career depends on me is a big responsibility to keep me up late,” she confesses. “Also, in corporate work, there is a clear measure of success. Did you get a promotion? Raise your salary? In business, you don’t have a formal career path and you tend to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to more successful business owners. It can be very paralyzed. ”

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The travel blockade caused by Covid-19 forced her to rethink how she operates her business. “When I first started working from home … there was little or no separation between family and work life. But I’m now much more efficient and shut after work for charging. I’m trained to turn off, “she says.

“And now I’m towing a new baby, so I’m a multitasking queen. Many of my virtual meetings are when I’m breastfeeding my son or when I’m wrestling with dirty diapers. It is done.”

Bestsellers include Anti-Acne 3C Spot Treatment, Eye Care Multitasking Power Serum, and Vita Advanced Intense PAF Concentrate, a Vitamin C Serum.

Should I use skin care with bee ingredients? Bskin’s Chia Su-Mae says so

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