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An Argentinian female reporter was robbed with money, documents and passports stolen from her handbag while reporting on the World Cup from Qatar. Dominique Metzger claimed her belongings had been stolen when she was reporting live from her area on the Corniche in Doha for the opening round of the tournament.

Video of the incident shows Metzger reporting in Doha while surrounded by local football fans when someone stole money and documents from her handbag. This is the unexpected reaction she got from the police after she reported the incident to the authorities.

dangerous in qatar

Metzger reported the incident to local police and said in a post-incident statement that he was surprised by their reaction. She told her network Todo Noticias (TN) that authorities had promised to identify the culprits and claimed they could choose to punish the alleged robbers.

“I had a little bag with everything I needed: my wallet, my hotel room key, napkins,” Metzger told the TN network anchor.

Dominic Metzger mugged while covering World Cup in Qatar

“And you were dancing, weren’t you?” the anchor asked her.

“Yes, I was dancing with the crowd. I’m sure it was at that moment that someone unzipped my bag and took my wallet,” Metzger replied.

The newscaster asked her if she thought it was a pickpocket who stole the purse. rice field.

Dominic Metzger
Dominic Metzger was reporting ahead of the World Cup opener when the incident happened

“At that moment, I didn’t realize you were broadcasting live, the music was playing, there was a crowd around you, and I was focused on you talking to me. So I didn’t pay attention.

“After finishing the live report, I thought I’d bring my wallet to buy a water bottle, but I realized I didn’t have one,” she said.

But Metzger’s shock didn’t stop there. There was much more.

stunned by the reaction

Metzger said when she went to report the misplaced wallet, she was quickly ignored because she is a woman. She claimed she was fired after being informed that her wallet would eventually “turn up.”

Dominic Metzger
Dominic Metzger

“Male police won’t register you,” Metzger told her network. “As soon as I got to the police station, they took me to another place where there were only women. When I asked why I was in, they told me it must be the female police officer that I had to help because I was a woman…myself.”

When she was sent to the police, an Argentinian television reporter was surprised by the response of the Qatari policewoman. “The moment I was sentenced was shocking. They asked me, ‘What kind of justice do you want? What sentence do you want him to get? Do you want me to say it? Will I be deported?” Metzger said.

TV2 Reporter Rasmus Tansolt
TV2 reporter Rasmus Tansolt was interrupted by security officials during his live broadcast on Tuesday night.

In fact, Metzger didn’t ask for any specific penalties, just asking for the safe recovery of the misplaced items. It is unclear whether the reporters have recovered their belongings, but the Qatari government has made efforts to reduce crime during the Games.

Qatar stadiums are reportedly equipped with around 15,000 facial recognition cameras. The incident with Metzger is the second in a string of encounters the journalist has had in recent days.

FIFA world cup trophy
FIFA World Cup

The incident with the Argentinian journalists came after Qatar’s Supreme Committee issued a hasty apology last week to Danish network TV2 after one of its journalists was threatened by security guards during a live broadcast.

An official statement reads: “The organizers of the competition are aware of an incident in which a Danish broadcast crew was accidentally interrupted during a live broadcast in one of Qatar’s tourist destinations.

TV2 reporter Rasmus Tansolt said: safety An employee riding a golf buggy while participating in a live broadcast.

He was quickly warned that his camera would be shattered and destroyed when it became clear that he was not welcome to record. Tanthold Switch to English to ask for clarification on possible violations of shooting rules in . Qatar“You invited the whole world here. Why can’t we film? This is a public place,” he said.

He quickly presented his press accreditation over the phone and reconfirmed his permission to shoot, but as one man was working on the lens of the camera, a security guard said he would destroy the camera if he didn’t stop filming. I claimed. Shocking video captures Argentinian female reporter being robbed live while reporting on World Cup in Qatar [WATCH]

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