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Singapore: The plagiarism scandal surrounding local influencer and educational institution owner Brook Lim Ke Sing has been circulated internationally by media outlets such as: insider and daily mail carry a story about her.

On April 18th, Lim published a lengthy essay that turned out to be an eating disorder. It is full of discredited material from multiple sources. Following this discovery, An online petition has been filed to cancel her admission to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)..

19 years old founded a popular educational institution called classic club I am a freshman candidate at the UCLA College of Letters and Science, majoring in Pre Business Economics.

and the rim Apologize on TikTokthe people who exposed her plagiarism pointed out that she also plagiarized interview answers and telonym answered in the past.


I’m honestly very disappointed (the videos I upload keep getting deleted for some reason, more proof when I understand how to properly c3ns0r ) #sugaresque #plagiarism #fyp #fypsi #fypsg #sgtiktok #sg #Singapore #bombasticsideeye #criminaloffensivesideeye #accountability #controversy #blowthisup # Exposure #take responsbility on

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American online media company insider On Tuesday (April 25th), we broke the news of the scandal surrounding Lim.The work was also published Yahoo!news and business insider africa same day and south china morning post April 26th.

“Sleek, beautiful, eloquent and social media savvy, Lim reportedly made six-figure-plus profits in 2022 for her agency alone. The Straits Timesthe national newspaper of Singapore.

However, on Wednesday, April 19th, Lim tweeted from a Tiktok account with the ID @sugaresqueessay, “about being afraid to eatFirst published on April 18th on her blog, Grayscale Copy. Lim’s blog is now password protected. insider piece read.


!! ️ Pause reading!! ️I can’t believe she plagiarizes so much from just one of her books and in fact she does even more from another book (didn’t have time to compile). #sugaresque #plagiarism #fyp #fypsi #fypsg #sgtiktok #sg #Singapore #bombasticsideeye #criminaloffensivesideeye #accountability #controversy #blowthisup # Exposure #take responsbility on

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Lim said insider what she notices Petition to cancel her admission to UCLA However, “At the time of this writing, I am not attending UCLA, nor am I a student at UCLA. I trust the school to give due consideration, and if the need arises, I will We are ready to clarify our position directly.”

in the meantime, daily mail Taken from an open letter to Lim. Google Docs Details of the plagiarism committed by the influencer.

“I understand that you may be struggling with an eating disorder…but taking an experience from a fictional book to remind the unassuming reader or student that this is not entirely your material.” It’s very insane to me to make them look like your own experiences/words without revealing.I can’t believe I was admiring your work ethic.

I sympathize with your struggles and sincerely hope that you will one day recover, but this very misleading essay is an entirely separate matter from your disability. Please do not credit multiple parts of the same book as source material, as you would with any other citation or reference that you have./TISG

Petition launched asking UCLA to cancel acceptance of SG influencer Sugaresque arrested for plagiarism

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– Advertising ​​- SG social media influencer Sugaresque plagiarism scandal goes international.Articles featured in US, UK and Hong Kong media

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