Seven rules for keeping Raymond Lam and Karina Chan married


Hong Kong — After months of speculation, Raymond Lam and Karina Chan confirmed that they were filming the fifth season of the travel show. Bibara Romance With a couple of other celebrities.

In this series, the wife travels with her and observes what the woman is doing while her husband is in the room.

Other couples involved are Zhou Jie and Zou Kai, as well as Qin Hai Lu and Wang Xinjun, Jiang Qin Qin and Chen Jian Bin.

Zhang announced his participation in the show and posted a list of “rules” that she and Lamb should follow to stay married, reported.


Seven marriage rules by Carina Zhang and Raymond Lam. Photo: Weibo

She writes: “My dear husband, we’ve been married for a year and a half. There are so many delicious things we’ve never eaten, movies we’ve never seen, and places we’ve never been together. You Has never loved me, but even for a moment, I want to fall in love with you more deeply. If you want to do the same, sign with a dotted line. “

Her list included: 1) go to the beach together, 2) give each other a dessert, 3) be stupid together, 4) once a day “I love you” Say, 5) hug and kiss every day, 6) don’t laugh at Carina’s songs, 7) don’t make fun of Carina when speaking Cantonese.

Fifteen minutes after the post, Ram updated his Weibo with a signed copy of the contract, stating, “Of course, I’ll do that.”

This unusual expression of affection online was quite ill-mannered for couples known to have severely protected their marriages. Born December 8, 1979, Raymond Lam is a Hong Kong actor and singer who starred in TV dramas. A step into the past, Moonlight resonance, High low And Line walker Called King of Chok after his role in The mystery of love./TISGF Follow us on social media

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Seven rules for keeping Raymond Lam and Karina Chan married

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