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LONDON – For some Conservatives, Rishi Sunak is the minister who saved Britain from the Covid-19 pandemic, for others The traitor who stabbed Boris Johnson with a knife Or Liz Truss’ rival who presciently warned her tax plans would bring chaos.

Now he must consider whether he can convince the British ruling party that he is the man to save them from chaos.

Former Finance Minister finished runner-up in the final contest to become British Prime Minister Despite being the most popular candidate among Conservative MPs in Parliament, he was tied only six weeks ago.

However, he lost to Liz Truss in a deciding vote by grassroots party members, and many blamed him for the downfall of their hero Boris Johnson.

Sunak’s dramatic decision to step down in July led to a flurry of ministerial resignations, ultimately forcing Johnson to reluctantly step down from the prime minister’s office.

In the summer leadership election, Sunak warned that Mr Truss’ tax cuts would lead to soaring borrowing costs, but that message was correct as her economic program triggered the bond market crash that led to her death. was proven.

With the Conservative Party in turmoil, many within his party think he is the only one who can solve the party’s predicament.

“He has the plan and the credibility to restore financial stability, contain inflation and deliver sustained tax cuts. Unite the Conservative Party by serving the British public.

To his supporters within the party, the message of Sunak’s previous leadership campaigns was that economic prudence was needed to deal with rampant inflation in the UK, and criticism of Mr Truss’ “fairy tale” plans was that he indicates that the person is suitable for the job.

However, he has faced criticism from party members outraged for his perceived betrayal of Johnson and for raising Britain’s tax burden to its highest level in decades, just when the country was facing serious costs. You should consider whether you can overcome the hostility.

can’t get in touch

Accusations that he was an uncontacted former hedge fund boss grew in April when his wife, the daughter of an Indian billionaire, confirmed reports that: She had non-resident tax status in the UK but agreed to terminate this.

The betting company again made Sunak the frontrunner for the new contest, but he was also the frontrunner in the race that Truss ultimately won. Seer or traitor?Rishi Snak is front-runner for next UK prime minister

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