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Singapore: Beware of a new phishing variant that tricks victims into entering their “Singapore Police Force” insignia into a Google Form.

In an advisory on Wednesday (December 7), police said the victim would first receive an unsolicited email regarding a gift certificate claim.

Clicking on the embedded URL takes you to a web page where you enter your credit or debit card information, security code and one-time password.

Fraudulent transactions are then made to the card.

“Immediately after the transaction, the scammer contacts the victim and introduces himself as a bank employee tracking the fraudulent transaction,” police said.

Victims are then directed to a Google form fraudulently containing the Singapore Police Force (SPF) insignia and a fake police case number. They filled out personal details under the pretext of filing a police report.

“After gaining the victim’s trust, the scammer, posing as a bank employee, perpetuated other fraudulent activities through the victim,” police said, adding that the victim said the scammer had stolen his computer. He added that they may be instructed to download malicious software applications that give them control. Scammers Trick Victims into Filling in ‘Singapore Police’ Insignia on Google Form

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