Russia attacks Ukrainian house, evacuates Kherson, warns of escalation

Mykolaiv, Southern Ukraine: Under pressure in southern Ukraine, Russia fired missiles and drones into Ukrainian-held Mykolaiv on Sunday (October 23), destroying housing complexes in a shipbuilding city near the front lines and ending the war. ‘uncontrollable escalation’.

Mykolaiv, about 35 kilometers northwest of the front line in occupied Kherson, is the southern region where Russia ordered 60,000 people to flee a Ukrainian counterattack “to save your life.” is.

Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, who some Russian nationalists have blamed for Moscow’s retreat since the February 24 invasion, said in a phone call with his French, British and Turkish counterparts that “the situation is deteriorating rapidly. We discussed the current situation.

He also spoke by phone with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for the second time in three days. Neither the Russian Ministry of Defense nor the Pentagon provided the information immediately.

Without providing evidence, Shoigu said Ukraine could escalate by using “dirty bombs” — conventional explosives laced with radioactive material. Although Ukraine does not have nuclear weapons. , says Russia can protect its territory with nuclear weapons.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleva denied the allegations. “Russia’s lie that Ukraine is planning to use a ‘dirty bomb’ is both ridiculous and dangerous,” he said, adding that “Russians cannot blame others for their planning.” It’s common,” he added.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in nightly video messages that only Russia could use nuclear weapons in Europe, and Shoigu’s “telephone carousel” made the problem clear.

“Everyone understands it very well,” Zelensky said. “They understand who is the source of all the filth imaginable in this war.”

A Russian missile strike on Sunday wiped out the top floor of Mykolaiv’s apartment building, sending debris and debris flying across the square into neighboring buildings, smashing windows and cracking walls. A car was crushed under the rubble, Reuters witnessed. No fatalities have been recorded.

“After the first blast, I tried to go outside, but the door got stuck. A minute or two later, there was a second, louder blast. The door blew off and I was in a hallway.” bed.

Ukraine shot down 14 Russian “kamikaze” drones overnight over Mykolaiv, regional governor Vitaly Kim told Telegram. The drone, designed to explode on impact, hit Ukraine’s energy infrastructure this month. Russia attacks Ukrainian house, evacuates Kherson, warns of escalation

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