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KIEV – Russian missiles hit grain terminals of agricultural enterprises in the Odesa region for the fourth night in a row. airstrikes in southern Ukraine, the local governor said on Friday.

But the Russian attack did not appear to be as violent as it was three nights before, when missiles and drones hit cities and ports in the south following Moscow. discontinued UN-brokered agreements Safe transport of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea will be possible.

Odesa governor Ole Kipel said two people were injured in the attack on an agricultural company, but did not specify where the company was located in the region.

“Unfortunately, the grain terminal of an agricultural enterprise in the Odesa region has been damaged.

Kippel said Russia attacked with Kalibr cruise missiles fired at low altitudes from the Black Sea to evade air defense systems.

He said two missiles hit a grain storage facility and set it on fire. While the fire was being extinguished, another missile hit the same company, damaging agricultural and rescue equipment.

Photos from the scene showed a fire raging between what appeared to be a warehouse, a crumpled metal building, and a badly damaged fire truck.

Moscow has announced it is carrying out “retaliatory strikes” this week after it scrapped the Black Sea grain export deal and accused Ukraine of being responsible for the explosion of a bridge used to transport Russian military supplies on Monday.

Russia, which launched a full-scale invasion in February 2022 and still controls large swaths of Ukrainian territory, has continued to shell eastern and southern regions this week.

Zaporizhia Southern Region Governor Yuri Marashko said there had been 80 Russian attacks on settlements in the region in the past 24 hours, killing four people.

A couple in their 50s were killed in a Russian shelling of the city of Kostinivka, east of Donetsk, early Friday morning, the prosecutor’s office said.Reuters Russia attacks grain terminals in southern Ukraine: Governor:

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