Review: Mortal Kombat has a lot of fan service that it can offer, but not much else.

Review: Mortal Kombat has a lot of fan service that it can offer, but not much else.

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The Mortal Kombat movie adaptation of Warner Bros. Pictures has finally arrived at us, and I’ve been looking forward to it for quite some time. The fighting game franchise it draws is absolutely legendary, with a wide list of iconic fighters that draws great satisfaction from beating each other as hard as possible and dying. You wouldn’t expect a series of fighting games to be so prepared for filming, but these colorful characters and the fantastic world they live in do so.

Nevertheless, I didn’t expect much from this Mortal Kombat movie. Even the game’s recent story campaigns were, at best, stunning visuals and cheesy fun. The 1995 film adaptation is somewhere in the “very bad, it’s good” space for most fans, so it has to go up. Unfortunately, the new Mortal Kombat’s bland leads, messy pace, and underdeveloped characters still have a lot of demand. Fans of the game will still be delighted with the bloody dead and the various Easter eggs-but this isn’t the movie I wanted.

Test your power

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While Mortal Kombat 11 (game) isn’t dealing with time travel Shenanigan, Mortal Kombat movies bring things back to basics. The film begins in Japan, followed by the ninja Hasashi Hanzo, also known as Scorpion, followed by a daily life of caring for his wife and two children. Tragically, this tranquility was shortened by a bloody ambush from the Lin Quay clan of warriors trying to end Hanzo’s life for unknown reasons. This opener sets the tone for the event to take place effectively, but sets the scorpion to be a much more important player than it really is.

Unfortunately, one of the most famous characters in the series appears in only about 5-10% of the movies. Hanzo is mostly abandoned after this opening scene, but will be returned much later in a battle scene that clearly provokes hype. Hiroyuki Sanada also absolutely kills the role of Scorpion, which only further disappoints his very small presence in the story. As Hanzo, he is an empathetic and completely bad ninja, with the potential to be a leading actor-and as a scorpion, he is an unwavering force. Joe Taslim is also intimidating, but Bihan, also known as Subzero, is a fairly shallow villain. Most of the Scorpion / Subzero duel was shown in the movie trailer, but it’s still there. I never get tired of seeing these two ninjas make it a duke.

The main plot mainly follows MMA fighter Cole Young. Cole Young is the original character who suddenly entered the world of Mortal Kombat. The 10th Mortal Kombat Tournament is about to begin, deciding the fate of Earthrealm (our world). If the Shang Tsung warriors win, they will forcibly rob Earthrealm. If the Warrior of the Raijin Lord Raijin wins, the Earth Realm will be saved and the hostile takeover of Shan Tung will be wiped out before it begins.

To save the Earth Realm, Raiden gathers and trains a team of warriors: Cole, Sonia Blade, Jacks Briggs, and the incredible Australian mercenary Kano. He complains that these inexperienced, pre-selected warriors are waiting for them but not ready, but then … why just wait to train them? ?? days Before the tournament? Why not months, if not years ago? The story is full of small head scratchers like these where flatouts don’t make sense (why everyone puts up with Kano?), But you’ll have to roll on it.


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Mortal Kombat checks many boxes you expect. Do you have a quarrel? Yes, in spades. Will the famous Mortal Kombat character appear and die incredibly hard? of course. Is there enough Easter eggs for game fans to point and cry? Okay! I don’t want to spoil many of these fun little surprises, but in one of the paintings about the history of Mortal Kombat in a book about tournaments, the omission of some obvious characters in the story Just say you’re being teased elsewhere. Or such a disposable bit. This movie was clearly made with a lot of love and respect for the game, and it is very keen to build a larger universe to accommodate all the fighters.

Director Simon McKiod previously said the film included the dead and would be expected by all the bloody violence fans of the franchise, and he did. There have been several or more sprint-worthy killings here, after which the character may say to the camera that he is “actually winking.”dead!Like a game. There’s nothing subtle about this, but it’s all fun.You will also notice that two characters break the signature movement during one or two battles-that is, you will see Liu Kang do so. That With a kick That The song, and that would be great.

But I was disappointed with these battles and left. Each of these fighters has its own ability to use in combat, described in the movie as “Arcana.” Rjukan can throw fireballs and Milena can teleport. So, strangely enough, in movies where the creative potential of large-scale, exaggerated battles is very high, they are all a bit dull. Speedsters that can move faster than the eyes can just be seen … punch a lot. Characters that can throw fireballs … do a lot of punches. Perhaps a little more variety of the fighters chosen could have mitigated this, but the choreography of the action certainly made me want from time to time. If I’m honest, you can hit Mortal Kombat 11 with some combos to get a cooler looking fight.

Who is Johnny Cage?

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Despite all of its fan service and bloody behavior, I didn’t like Mortal Kombat very much-and it depends on its bland protagonist, Cole Young. Cole acts as an audience agent for this movie. An unfamiliar person in the world of Mortal Kombat, you will learn about its rules and key players as we do. I understand the role he plays in the story, but he’s very boring. Other than his family, there is nothing that makes him stand out in the cast of characters like Liu Can and Sonya-except that he is sometimes at risk, he doesn’t do much here. You could exchange him for everyone’s favorite slazebag Hollywood actor Johnny Cage, and the role of acting audience was still fulfilled. The 1995 movie did that, and he was the best part of the whole!

Throughout the middle section of the film, Raiden champions are training for the next tournament. Everyone needs to “wake up Arcana” to get the cool power of throwing a fireball or throwing a very sharp hat, but it all feels really packed. Instead of spending this time digging into these characters to learn about their world, we see them train a little and throw in a story of their origin in a one- or two-line dialogue, and then then will go forward. There is no time in the limelight other than Cole. As a result, the overall sense of the cast is not well developed. Why is Sonya obsessed with Mortal Kombat tournaments in the first place? I do not know. Who is Liu Kang’s cousin and Kang Lao other than his best friend? I do not know. Why on earth is Subzero so jerky for Scorpion and working for shunting? I do not know. It has never been explained. Except for games, this is not explained.

Villains aren’t great either. Subzero coasts with only cool elements, but the franchise’s main adversary, Shan Tung, is unacceptably wooden by comparison. The 1995 film made up for the general motivation of this villain with the generous support of cheese, but there is no such thing here. This movie wants us to take him as seriously as possible, but we can’t give us a compelling reason to do so. With few behind-the-scenes stories or clear motives to talk to, he becomes a standard superhero villain. Shuntung wants to conquer the world! Oh, and he’s evil! That’s … almost everything we get. You see, these characters are ridiculous. The story is ridiculous. Why don’t you lean on it?


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Mortal Kombat provides game franchise fans with a fun and bloody time, and makes many small winks and nods to its long and renowned history. Most of these actors do a great job of bringing the roster of beloved fighters to life on the big screen, and if a sequel ends up on the card, I’ll let them do it again. I will gladly see it. If you’re looking forward to a lot of fights and brutal dead, rest assured that you won’t be ashamed of the violence known in these games.

But the movie also shows off the unobtrusive protagonist with a plot that is dragged in when it really should be kicked into high gear, but later overwhelmed by its big climax. Some of these characters feel like they can leave the entire movie, but no one is given screen time to shine in an unnecessarily packed story. There were many possibilities for Mortal Kombat. Sadly, it’s too wasteful to be a completely satisfying movie on its own.

*** ***

Friendship of 6 out of 10

Review: Mortal Kombat has a lot of fan service that it can offer, but not much else.

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