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Brinchang – The helicopter that crashed in Cameron Highlands on Wednesday was flying through heavy rain and fog.The pilot alerted his friends of the incident so Malaysian rescuers could quickly locate the crash site. rice field.

Pilot Captain Fezrol Norazam, 43, was carrying five medical staff from a village in the Guamsan district of Kelantan to Ipoh. When the crash happened around 1pm in the hills of Brinchang town Cameron Highlands in Pahang.

Rescuers arrived at the crash site around 4pm Wednesday and rescued all six victims alive. They were sent to the nearby Sultana Hajja Karsom Hospital, according to Perak Police Chief Mohud Yusri Hassan Basri. The last victim was removed from the crash site around 9:10 pm and taken to a hospital.

The pilot contacted a friend in Ipoh about the Airbus AS355 F2 helicopter crash, which was later reported to the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM), said U Mohd Yusri.

“We then received information about the helicopter’s location and were able to immediately conduct a search and rescue operation for victims aged between 31 and 48,” he said at a press conference at the Cameron Highlands District and Land Office. On Wednesday night Bernama said:

Rescuers found the victim successfully escaping from the crashed helicopter in the jungle area.

The helicopter medical team was on its way back to Tanjung Rambutan in Ipoh after completing routine visits to indigenous villages in the Kampong Gawin region of Guamsan.

“Two passengers were seriously injured, one nurse with a broken leg and one with a knee injury,” the press reported.

The helicopter was operated by Layang Layang Aerospace, a private charter airline, CAAM chief executive Chester Boo said.

Layang Layang said contact with the company’s flight operations center was lost shortly after the plane took off at 12:20pm. It crashed during an emergency landing attempt around 1pm. The reason for the emergency landing is under investigation. Rescuers quickly identify helicopter crash site in Malaysia as pilot warns friends: report

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