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WASHINGTON – Republicans are staring at the worst interim results from a party out of power in 20 years, with the ultimate culprits being poor candidates, overheated messaging, or an election anchor that seems to drag the party along. We exchanged accusations on Friday about whether there will be former President Donald Trump.

With the election results still in play, a narrow Republican majority in the House remains likely. But the party’s path to winning the Senate narrowed.

For Republican leaders who predicted a red wave of widespread condemnation of President Joe Biden, the disappointing outcome was undeniable.

Democrat incumbents have won nearly every election so far, but Republicans have had staggering losses from Maine to Washington, and Trump-backed candidates are pivotal in Pennsylvania. He lost the Senate election and lost key House and statewide elections in Michigan, Ohio, and North Carolina. and elsewhere.

Michigan Republican Chief of Staff Paul Cordes said, “We found ourselves as a party consistently navigating power struggles between Trump and anti-Trump factions, primarily within the donor base.” wrote in a note on Thursday.

He added: Ultimately, quality and substantive candidates and well-funded campaigns are still crucial to winning elections. We have struggled on both counts with respect to the detriment of Michigans across the state. ”

The first substantial battle for the party broke out over the form of leadership in the upcoming Congress.

Jason Miller, who is helping Trump prepare for his re-election bid announcement next week, appeared on Steve Bannon’s internet radio show on Friday, calling out would-be Congressman Kevin McCarthy. issued a veiled threat to congressmen, the speaker Trump refers to as “my Kevin.”

If McCarthy wants the gavel, in 2024 “he’ll have to declare more support for President Trump,” Miller said.

Rep. Ellis Stefanik, who heads the House Republican meeting, has hailed himself as a potential rival for the Speaker of the House and jumped to endorse Trump for the 2024 nomination, saying, “Republicans are America.” It’s time to unite around America’s most popular Republicans.”

Even in the Senate, which is in control, three Republicans have circulated a letter calling for a postponement of the party leadership election, amid Trump’s call to fire Republican leader Senator Mitch McConnell.NYTIMES Republicans Consider the Impact of US Midterm Elections: Was It Trump?

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