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SINGAPORE — Opposition Red Dot United (RDU) recently received a healthy amount of feedback from residents during community activities in Jurong GRC. Among the concerns raised by those they met were rising costs of living and other financial concerns, as well as access to healthcare and transportation services in the area.

The RDU posted on its social media pages to summarize all these issues in what it called a “community perspective” to reflect the experiences of residents who want a better community.

The political party that contested the Jurong GRC in the 2020 Singapore general election also noted the need for a “responsible opposition” with a duty to provide checks and balances to the government, citing several residents who expressed support for the RDU. emphasized.

The RDU, led by party secretary-general Ravi Philemon, CEC members Fazli Talip and Emily Wu, visited residents of Block 155 of Yong Lo Road and coffee shops of Block 158. Some residents expressed to them the economic concerns and especially the day-to-day challenges they face. The cost of living has skyrocketed, and those currently working as delivery workers have lost full-time jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Many people said they struggled to find food for $4 or less, both at hawker centers and coffee shops. is actively looking for a full-time job while supporting five children,” the party said on Facebook.

Photo: Facebook screengrab/reddotunitedsg

The RDU also met with residents who raised concerns about access to medical care, especially since West Point Hospital closed in September 2018, saying the area no longer had hospitals or general hospitals nearby in an emergency. .

“The lack of accessible medical facilities, combined with high medical costs due to particularly serious health problems, has caused anxiety for some residents. We underscored our concerns over financial stability as we lost and incurred a large out-of-pocket burden,” the RDU added.

In June 2022, the Ministry of Health announced that the new Taman Jurong General Hospital will be built on the site of the former West Point Hospital at 235 Corporation Drive by 2028. In a media release, the Ministry of Health said it is important that Singaporeans continue to have access to affordable primary care in their communities as the population ages and the prevalence of chronic diseases increases. .

“The Taman Jurong General Clinic will incorporate age-friendly facilities and accessibility features for patient convenience. , and related medical services, radiology, laboratories and pharmacy services will also be provided,” the Ministry of Health said.

The RDU appreciates the feedback received from residents during their home visits as we aim to foster dialogue that leads to meaningful improvements and stronger communities.

“We encourage everyone to work together to address these issues and ensure a brighter future for all. Let’s build a community where everyone’s voice is heard and respected.” said the RDU.

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