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Mon - Fri: 7AM - 7PM

Singapore – Little India’s new festival aims to showcase a lesser-known side of the popular tourist destination.

Running from Friday to October 9th, the Re-Route festival consists of food walks, workshops and installations scattered throughout the region.

“I think Little India has a lot more to offer than most people know. , and then go away,” Marvin Tan said.

He and Cheryl Sim, co-founder of Design Studio Plus, are the brainchilds behind the festival.

“So what Re-Route is trying to do is open up visitors to new experiences, new flavors and new cultures that are all in the backyard. did.”

Six installations were built by Plus for the festival. Among them are a 10-meter-tall observation tower at Lemb Square, an open space just off Mustafa Centre, and a 3-meter-tall capsule that sells a giant version of a yoga ball that resembles a toy. Gachapon vending machines are included.

Tan said the landmarks and eateries were chosen with the help of data provided by the Singapore Tourism Board.

“They gave us a heat map showing data on where we had the most and least visitors, so we could use analytics to plan where we wanted to direct our visitors.” Re-Route Festival 2022 aims to show visitors a different side of Little India

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