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SINGAPORE — In parliament on Tuesday (January 10), Progress Singapore Party non-constituent MP Hazel Pohr said the prime minister had already appointed a commission to conduct a five-year review of political salaries. I asked how. The last such committee was appointed in 2017.

in her questionshe also asked, if a commission has already been appointed, when the public can expect a report from that commission, and if not, when this commission can be expected to be appointed and what kind of referral. I asked what matters were expected.

Education Minister and Public Service Minister Chan Chun Sing said the next political salary review is targeted for this year, 2023, and details will be shared in due course.

Chan’s written reply noted that the 2012 White Paper on Competent and Dedicated Government Salaries recommended that an independent commission be appointed every five years to review the salary framework for political appointees. He said that

“In 2018, the government provided a response to the latest review of political salaries by an independent commission. The commission concluded at the time that the salary framework remained adequate and sound, and its recommendations included: It included adjusting the salary levels of political appointment holders to match the updated benchmarks.

The government decided not to change politicians’ salaries as the economy was still in transition. The government has since indicated that it will revisit the issue in five years or when the need arises. ” Added Minister.

According to the Public Service Division’s website, as of this year, the minister’s monthly salary is S$55,000. Their gross salary is S$1.1 million per year.

The PSD said, “Depending on market conditions, the salaries of political appointees will be adjusted according to the movement of benchmarks.”

Netizens had a lot to say in their comments on CNA’s report on the matter.


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