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TORONTO – Hundreds of Canada’s Sikh community marched Saturday outside the Indian consulate in Toronto to protest the unsolved murder of one of their leaders in the Vancouver area last month.

They blame the Indian government for the shooting death of Haldeep Singh Nijal, a Sikh monastery abbot and activist for the creation of an independent Sikh state, whom his followers want to call Kalistan. bottom.

“When Indian government agencies and organizations commit crimes, they must be held accountable,” said Kurjeet Singh, spokesperson for Justice for Sikhs, a US-based organization that supports the rally. he told AFP.

Nijar, who was wanted as a terrorist by India, was shot on June 18 in Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver with one of Canada’s largest Sikh populations.

Another protester, lawyer Hakaat Singh, told AFP that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) “should investigate this murder” as a political assassination.

“When there is vandalism against members of parliament, we see tweets and reactions from politicians.This is an assassination of a Canadian citizen on mainland Canada.It is foreign interference.”

Mr. Nijar advocated cutting off parts of northern India and possibly Pakistan to create an independent Sikh state. India accused him of carrying out terrorist attacks in India, but he denied the charges.

Demonstrators, almost exclusively men, carried yellow flags with blue logos representing the separatist movement and shouted “Harristan!” Calistan! ”

Departing from the outskirts of Toronto, the group arrived in front of the Indian Consulate and was greeted by about 50 members of the Diaspora, which supports the Indian government.

“They put up posters here calling for the killing of Indian diplomats. We are concerned because these groups have committed terrorist acts in the past and politicians have not taken action.” One of the protesters, IT consultant Vijay Jain, told AFP.

A line of 20 police intervened to separate the two groups, and one Sikh protester was taken away after prying open the fence and running to the other side. Protests erupt in Toronto over killing of Sikh leader

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