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LONDON – Rishi Sunak appeared to find himself in the political wilderness for at least a few years after helping to overthrow former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but then lost out to Liz Truss in the Conservative leadership race. defeated.

However her dramatic political implosion Sunak, 42, has offered an almost immediate opportunity to become Britain’s first prime minister of color.

It is a historic building of Hindu descendants of immigrants from the old British Empire in India and East Africa. Command the sixth largest economy in the world – Despite facing a serious crisis.

He was born in Southampton in 1980. His father was a doctor and his mother ran a pharmacy.

After waiting a table at a local Indian restaurant, Sunak went on to Stanford University in Oxford, California.

A staggeringly wealthy man from a pre-political career in finance, he started his career at Goldman Sachs and also worked at a hedge fund.

During his recent campaign, he wore expensive Prada loafers to visit construction sites and faced accusations of “mansplaining” against Mr. Truss.

A video has also been released of 21-year-old Sunak, after studying at one of the UK’s most prestigious private schools, Winchester College and the University of Oxford, describing various friends.

“I have aristocratic friends, upper-class friends, and working-class friends,” he said, adding, “Well, not working-class.”

An early Brexit supporter, he Appointed Minister of Finance in February 2020 – A baptism of fire on the Tory rising star as the Covid pandemic erupts.

He was forced to create a huge economic aid package at breakneck speed.

In India, Mr. Sunak is better known through his wife, Indian heiress Akshata Murthy. She is the co-founder of information technology group Infosys and the daughter of billionaire Narayana Murthy.

Sunaks met while studying in California and has two young daughters with a photogenic dog.

The former minister’s Instagram-friendly profile has earned him the media nickname ‘Dissi Rishi’. Profile: Sunak is set to become Britain’s first non-white prime minister.

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