POSB, DBS Bank Revives Services – Some Companies

After two banking systems went down in two days and a mass hysteria broke out, the bank in question said the service was fully restored. Not so fast, some customers say.

Two days have passed since POSB Bank and DBS Bank customers lost access to digital banking. Most, but not all, services seem to have resumed this morning. Both banks said they were monitoring further turmoil.

“Please let us know that our digital banking services are back to normal. We are closely monitoring the situation to ensure that all services run smoothly. Please wait for a while,” said DBS Bank. Said in the latest update last night.

But this morning, some bank customers said the system was “still down” and posted a screenshot of the site message that the service was “currently unavailable.”

“Your website login service is down again with an error screen right now, and after a while it will be okay again, making it a very unstable and unstable platform. Pls can do this intermittent behavior as much as possible. We’ll fix it soon. It’s already the third day of record breaking, “writes Christopher Go.

Starting Tuesday morning, customers have been in a fuss over login issues and have received various complaints, including inability to pay. The banks apologized for pointing out “intermittent slowness,” but said the problem was fixed Wednesday morning.

The DBS country head even intervened to deal with the situation yesterday in a recorded statement. Shee Tse Koon said she was “working 24 hours a day” to identify problems with the access control server and restore and operate the system.

He also announced that he had guaranteed his customers “deposits and money are safe” and extended his time at the branch by two hours.

“I know that many of you are facing difficulties accessing our digital banking services. We recognize that this is a source of concern and frustration, and inconvenience and anxiety. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, “said Sitzekhun.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore said it would consider “appropriate supervisory measures” against DBS Bank after a “serious” turmoil. He added that he is working closely with banks to restore the system.

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POSB, DBS Bank Revives Services – Some Companies

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