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surroundings Death of Sergeant Uvaraja Gopal Home Affairs and Justice Minister K Shanmugam said he would conduct a thorough investigation to maintain trust in the police.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday at a wake of Sergeant Ubaraja, who attended as Niesun GRC lawmaker, Shanmugam pointed out that 40 percent of police officers are from ethnic minorities.

He said the police thoroughly investigated such cases and knew that public trust would be lost if the crimes were not brought to light.

He was responding to a question about how minorities are protected within the police force following Friday’s death of Sergeant Ubaraja and Facebook posts alleging that he had been bullied at work by his boss and racially abused by team members.

Sergeant Ubaraja, 36, was found motionless at the foot of 393 Yishun Avenue on Friday evening and was unconscious when he was taken to hospital, where he died. Police do not suspect foul play.

Sergeant Ubaraja said he was denied a transfer within the police force and received nothing when he asked for help, among other charges.

Police are now investigating those charges and announced on Friday that they were aware of the difficulties facing Sergeant Uvaraja and had extended a helping hand to him.

Mr Shanmugam said the purpose of Sunday’s visit was to put an end to Sergeant Ubaraja’s grieving family.

He added that after the funeral was over, authorities would offer them assistance and brief them on issues that would need to be addressed after his death.

Shanmugam said Sergeant Ubaraja’s family was unaware of his situation. ‚ÄúNeither my brothers nor my mother nor my father understood a lot of things.

The minister did not elaborate on what he had shared with his family, saying only that it should be kept confidential for now. He oversees Ny Soon Link district and accompanies Sergeant Ubaraja MP Derrick Goh, who said it was normal for MPs to attend vigils in their constituencies.

Sergeant Uvaraja’s family declined to interview reporters, but two childhood friends — who wanted to be known only as Raj, 34, and Sitran, 36 — said Uvaraja had always wanted to be a police officer.

“He’s a very quiet guy, he’s not the type to go looking for trouble,” said Citran, an elementary school friend. Policeman’s death to be thoroughly investigated to keep trust in police, latest Singapore news

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