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Singapore: Police have issued an advisory to a student at the National University of Singapore (NUS). put up a sign against the death penalty at the graduation ceremony in July.

“In response to media inquiries, police, in consultation with the Attorney General’s Office, issued a written recommendation to a 24-year-old man for holding up an anti-death penalty sign at the July 6 NUS inauguration ceremony. NUS Cultural Center Auditorium,” police said on Friday.

The man, Luke Levy, tweeted a photo on Tuesday of what he believed to be a police advisory.

They indicated to police that an investigation into the incident had been completed and that they had decided not to take any further action against Mr. Levy.

“Please refrain from such actions in the future,” read a note on the photo.

In a Twitter post, Levy described it as a “metaphorical finger-gesture” and expressed concern while “waiting months” to find out what action the police would take. Admitted.

“But I knew people were talking about the death penalty because of this,” he said. “That put my anxiety at ease. I have no regrets about what I did.”

Levy added that he would “keep fighting” against the death penalty. Police issued written advisory to NUS graduates holding anti-death penalty signs

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