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Shah Alam, Selangor: Pelikatan Nacional (PN) said this would be the coalition’s top priority if it won Malaysia’s 15th general election (GE15), addressing the bread and butter problem people are facing. promised to resolve

When the coalition manifesto was released on Sunday night (November 6), the economy and cost of living issues were prominently on the agenda.

PN Chairman Muhyiddin Yassin also promised to create one million high-income opportunities over the next few years.

“Some people ask if we can do it. Of course. Why? Because we have the experience,” he said.

Muhyiddin also claimed that during his tenure as prime minister, the government would create 558,000 jobs in 2021.

“I believe that if we are given a task, we can do it and we can do it better,” he said.

PN’s manifesto contained 12 pillars covering 30 ‘strategies’ and 234 ‘offers’.

Pillars included improving governance, closing the development gap, environmental sustainability, optimizing women’s potential, and empowering older people, among other areas.

Muhyiddin said in his speech that if elected president, PN’s first ministerial meeting would discuss ways to solve the problem of rising cost of living caused by inflation.

“To solve this problem, the government needs to look more seriously at supply disruptions and import cost issues, especially as the ringgit depreciates compared to other currencies, especially the US dollar.” He said. Perikatan Nasional pledges to create 1 million jobs during Malaysia GE15 manifest launch

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