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On Sunday (October 23), Singaporeans were awakened to the news that the Home Office was inviting British billionaire Richard Branson to a live televised debate with Home and Justice Minister K Shanmugam. Death penalty.

The MHA issued a statement the day before it revealed specific statements made by anti-death penalty opponent Branson regarding Nagaenslandermalingam, who was judicially executed on April 27, 2022.

Last year, Branson joined a global chorus of voices calling for Singapore to stay at Naga Entran for intellectual disabilities.

“The Singapore court has ruled that Nagaenthran knew what he was doing and was not mentally disabled,” the MHA wrote in it. statement.

On October 10th, World Day Against the Death Penalty, Branson wrote a blog post titled “What’s Singapore’s Problem?”

“Singapore is still on the wrong side of history by continuing to apply the death penalty almost relentlessly, especially for drug crimes,” he wrote.

Noting that 11 executions have taken place this year, the businessman added, “The circumstances surrounding many cases cast a dark shadow on the country’s reputation in the world.”

The MHA statement was intended to clarify Singapore’s approach to drugs, as well as several other issues Branson raised in his post.

And at the end of the statement, given an invitation to discuss, the MHA added that the billionaire’s flight and lodging expenses to Singapore would be paid for.

“Mr Branson may use this platform to show Singaporeans what is wrong with our methods and why Singapore should repeal the laws that have kept them safe from the global scourge of substance abuse. Hmm,” the ministry added.

Reactions from netizens to the MHA’s invitation were mixed, with some suggesting that given today’s difficult economic climate, there may be more pressing issues to address.

“Don’t waste our money on this Ang moh!” wrote one comment.

Others were less polite in expressing their opinions.

Some even argued that it was enough to discuss Zoom, which would certainly reduce costs.

However, there were others who were eager to watch the debate.

“Then put it on. You have a worthy opponent to represent us,” he wrote.


Richard Branson asks, “What happened to Singapore?”world day against the death penalty

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– Advertising ​​- “People are struggling with the cost of living, are you going to pay this billionaire to debate?” — ​​netizens react to MHA’s debate challenge against Richard Branson —

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