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Over the past few years, boxer-turned-YouTuber Logan Paul and UFC lightweight fighter Paddy Pimblett (20-3 MMA, 4-0 UFC) have been at odds.

The professional boxer, aka “The Maverick”, who has a 0-1 record, has publicly announced a fight with Pinblett. Additionally, Paul has frequently stated that he would like to make his MMA debut by fighting “The Baddy” in the UFC.

Recent negotiations between Logan Paul and the UFC have resulted in an agreement that PRIME, the beverage company jointly operated by Logan Paul and KSI, will become the official sports drink of the UFC. As a fighter, Paul has not signed up for the UFC yet.

Paddy Pimblett recently answered questions about Paul giving him a fight in an interview with MMA Junkie. As a cruiserweight fighter, Pimblett said that for their fight to take place, Paul should lose his weight and stop using drugs.

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is hired by the UFC to prevent UFC athletes from abusing drugs for unfair advantage during competition. The allusion from “The Baddy” is that Paul failed his USADA-administered test, was ineligible to compete in the UFC, and was using his PED (performance-enhancing drug), which is now banned. bottom.

Pinblet said: He called me an influence chaser years ago. you know what i mean? always say my name So if he wants to fight in his UFC, welcome. I am there waiting for him. He’ll lose some weight and come off the steroids and we can fight. ”

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