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Public Entertainment (PE) outlets in Singapore – Orchard Towers can now renew their PE licenses until July of this year, provided they meet the renewal requirements.

After that, there will be no renewal of the PE license.

On July 15, 2022, police issued an order to the operator and property owner of the PE store in Orchard Towers, It does not grant new PE licenses or renew PE licenses. For existing PE outlets after May 31, 2023.

Police have now extended the deadline for Orchard Towers nightlife outlets to suspend sports activities by two months, according to a statement issued by police on Thursday.

This came after PE operators and the Singapore Nightlife Business Association appealed to extend their PE licenses.

The government considered an appeal. The statement said the police had agreed to extend the deadline, although they did not intend to change policy direction.

The extension of the deadline will make it easier for the Orchard Towers nightlife outlet to transition to another arrangement, the statement added.

There have been concerns among the public about public safety and rogue activity at Orchard Towers.

Last July, the police A series of operations aimed at a side job there.

As a result of these, a 52-year-old man was charged with operating an unlicensed massage parlor there, and seven women were arrested on suspicion of engaging in a side business.

In July 2019, men Killed at Orchard Towers during combat. Orchard Tower nightlife outlets may be allowed to operate until July, subject to conditions

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