NTUC FairPrice warns about Hello Kitty mahjong sets being resold online.

SINGAPORE — NTUC FairPrice warned in a Facebook post on Monday (January 2) that a limited edition Hello Kitty Mahjong Solitaire set was being resold online. Also, while the post doesn’t name specific online resellers, some sets can be seen on his Carousell, explicitly stating that they are “NTUC” or “Fairprice” mahjong sets. There are also things.

Carousell mahjong sets range in price from $288 to $888. “Please exercise caution when purchasing these sets from resale sites as these sets may be listed at a different price than the product’s recommended retail price. Authenticity of resold sets Or we can’t check the quality and we may not be able to provide support.Your product needs one,” warned NTUC FairPrice.

These sets are only sold at NTUC FairPrice under an in-store bonus points redemption program, but are now shown elsewhere.

These are available at NTUC FairPrice starting at $268.

“152 Tile Hello Kitty Mahjong Solitaire Set (Recommended Retail Price $388) currently only on FairPrice Xtra and only through the in-store Bonus Points Redemption Program from January 1st to March 1st, 2023 at 268.00 with 6 Bonus Points. You can buy it for $ or 3 bonus points for $308.00,” the post further states.

Equals 1 bonus point for every $30 spent on each receipt.

Hello Kitty fans can also take advantage of steam pots, umbrellas, food containers and tableware under the NTUC FairPrice loyalty program offer, but the mahjong set is the most expensive promotional item.

FairPrice’s website states, “Mahjong Solitaire Set Redemption – 152 Tiles are FairPrice Xtra store only.

Some commenters on the post were advising on NTUC FairPrice.

Make sure you have enough inventory to wipe out resellers so they can store overpriced mahjong tiles until they collect dust,” wrote one netizen.

Others believe that consumers should be free to buy where they want and at the price they want. “This is a flea market. If there are any fools willing to pay exorbitant prices, leave them alone!”

One netizen said, “People who bought it at an obviously higher price should have been deceived because of their stupidity.”

Another cooking pot purchased at NTUC FairPrice broke during cooking and a customer asked, “Is it for cooking or for decoration?”

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