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SINGAPORE: Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Delta Electronics today announced the establishment of the $24 million Delta-NTU Corporate Lab for Advanced Robotics.

Over the next three years, the institute will address labor shortages in the areas of manufacturing and intralogistics (the flow of goods and materials within company premises), supported under the Research Innovation of the National Research Foundation of Singapore. We develop next-generation technologies that target issues. and Enterprise (RIE) 2025 Plans.

Collaborative robotic systems are becoming increasingly important for the future as companies move to the next stage of development and labor shortages increase due to an aging workforce and declining birth rates.

These systems include “human touch-inspired robots that can adjust their grip to pick up a variety of materials, from fragile glassware to volatile chemicals, and enable autonomous mobile robot (AMR) behavior. Smart sensing, radar and 3D sensor systems that enable “It’s a dynamic environment with people coming and going, like a hospital or a warehouse,” said a joint press statement.

At the presentation on June 7th, Mr. Alvin Mr Tan, Minister of State Ministry of trade and industry; professor Ho Tech NTU Chairman Hua and Delta Electronics Chairman Yanxi Hai.

“This corporate lab with Delta Electronics proves that NTU’s research activities are relevant to industry. This is in line with the NTU 2025 strategic vision to harness the power of digital and advanced technology to support new knowledge discovery and promote better learning and living. said Professor Ho.

“Following our success in the area of ​​cyber-physical systems, we look forward to furthering our long-term cooperation with NTU, especially with the support of Singapore’s RIE 2025 initiative for the new joint Advanced Robotics Laboratory of Delta and NTU. We intend to leverage Delta’s smart manufacturing capabilities and autonomous mobile robot know-how, as well as Delta-NTU’s R&D talent, to develop essential technologies for the next generation of autonomous mobile robots. The lab’s innovative milestone will help multiple industries solve key challenges, strengthen Singapore’s long-term resilience and improve the quality of life for its citizens.” said Mr.

NTU and Delta Electronics have had a long-standing partnership since 2016.

Projects from this partnership include a universal smart navigation system that enables logistics robots to autonomously move goods around the factory floor, and learning analytics technology that improves learning in the education industry. Tested on NTU’s smart campus, these innovations are now being scaled up for broad industry adoption.


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