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A netizen posted a screenshot of a TikTok video of a pet grooming company specifically looking for “Filipino assistant groomers” to fill their vacancies.

“Can someone explain that this is allowed in Sg. To specifically say what nationality they want for Sg? No wonder our locals lost their jobs. This foreigner in the company The heads and owners all want their own employees to come and share our pies.

I know that if a local company specifies that they only want certain races, they will be penalized by MOM. So what about this? please share The complaint was posted on Tuesday (13 September) by a netizen who goes by Yuki Yuki on Singapore’s Facebook page.

One screenshot included in the post is that Furries Inc was “hiring a Filipino assistant groomer. We welcome PR (Permanent Resident) or LTVP (Long Stay Pass Holder) applications.”

Another showed one staff member holding a large cat at a grooming service.

The company has several other TikToks with job ads for assistant groomers. Some advertisements ask only women to apply, but do not specify their nationality.

According to the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices, race should be avoided as a selection criterion when posting job ads.

“When listing selection criteria in job advertisements, ensure that they are relevant to the candidate’s qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience. Do not use discriminatory words or phrases,” the guidelines say. says.

The post received many comments from netizens.

TISG reached out to Furries Inc, the company that originally posted the TikTok. The undated video in the screenshot that was posted has since been removed, Furries Inc. said.

Furries Inc added that the netizen who posted the screenshot may have “misread” the ad.

Furries Inc told TISG that it “would rather be in a Filipino working environment.”

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– Advertising ​​- “No wonder our locals have no jobs.

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