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Nicole Seah of The Workers’ Party shares the importance of home visits because it allows us to reach out to each resident and listen to their problems. Abdul Sharif, who contested her on her East Coast her GRC in the 2020 Singapore general election, along with Abu Kassim, the blue team headed out to Bedok Her South earlier this week.

In one encounter, a wet market stall owner laments how her business is slowing during covid as many consumers are changing their buying habits and moving online. I saw that

“I asked her if she had any plans to list her business on a food delivery app, and I felt it might be time to take it slow and consider retiring,” Nicole said. rice field.

“It is encouraging to see many stallholders adopting digital initiatives to prepare for the future, but it is also a challenge for stallholders who are teetering on the edge. Support the wet market wherever possible. “

Nicole and her party members went the extra mile by not only listening to the ground, but providing details for those who needed additional assistance.she feels so Channels for help are readily available, but residents may not know where to turn for help as they may be “mentally paralyzed by the situation at hand.”

Another resident shared that he has been unemployed and his wife has been chronically ill for the past two years, making it difficult to seek help,” said the president of the WP’s Youth Department.

“We looked at the list of financial assistance schemes and asked if he had approached any of these agencies. I advised him to bring proper documents.”

“This highlights the importance of visiting homes to reach out to each person.”

In the 2020 Singapore general election, the WP team, which includes Nicole and Sharif, won 46% of the vote against the PAP team, led by then Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keet.follow us on social media

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– Advertising ​​- Nicole Seah shared with residents the importance of visiting their homes and elaborated on their concerns.

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