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Taos, New Mexico – Gunman 3 elderly women shot dead in New Mexico Police announced on Tuesday that they had legally purchased an assault rifle this week.

The rifle was one of three weapons he used in the assault.

Police said the suspect purchased the rifle a month after he turned 18.

A shooting in a residential neighborhood of Farmington, New Mexico, ended Monday morning when police shot and killed a man.

The culprit has been identified as 18-year-old Bo Wilson, a student at Farmington High School.

Police said Mr. Wilson walked about 400 meters (1,300 feet) on the road, fired indiscriminately at cars, and some houses were also attacked, but police confronted Mr. Wilson outside the church and proceeded. A firefight was fought to stop the

Video footage showed Mr. Wilson, dressed in black, roaming the driveway of the church with what appeared to be a pistol with an extended high-capacity magazine before he was killed.

Minutes of violent outbursts sparked hours of fear as police raided the area, a major retail center and fossil energy hub, to see if order would be restored. .

Farmington Police Deputy Chief Kyle Dowdy said at a news conference on Tuesday that the shooter’s actions “appeared to be completely haphazard and there was no specific target or motive that could be identified at this time.”

The women killed were mother and daughter Gwendolyn Scofield, 97, and Melody Ivey, 73, who were shot together in the car, and Shirley Voyta, who was in another car. 79 years old).

Police said four other people in the vehicle were injured in the shooting and shrapnel, and two police officers were also injured and released from a local hospital.

Wilson was staying at an address near the shooting. New Mexico teen legally bought AR rifle ahead of shooting, police say

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