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SINGAPORE: State Minister Sohn’s recent Facebook post criticizing the way residents wrote letters has divided public opinion online, with some agreeing with her that residents should have communicated in a polite manner. , some argue that ruling party politicians should not complain given the high pay she receives as an elected official.

Mr Sun, MP of Punggol West SMC, shared a screenshot of the resident’s email on his Facebook page yesterday (June 3) morning. Residents’ emails began in a not-so-friendly tone: “Unless something changes here, we’ll be looking forward to sitting back and waiting for the election loss.”

The main complaint centered on the noise generated by heavy vehicles driving on the roads near Punggol Road. The resident urged the Sun to address the issue, warning that it could lose its ward if it did not.

The resident also complained about the uneven cement floor of the void deck and used offensive language to criticize the road design. The email urged Jamus Lim of the Labor Party (WP) to “take over this (borough) because there is so much rubbish here” and closed by referring to the Reout Road controversy.

The email was addressed to Mr. Sun and Mr. Lim, but also to several government agencies and prominent politicians, including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong and Senior Minister Teo Chee Hian. Copied.

The Pasir Ris Punggol Municipal Council replied to the residents and assured them that the issues raised by the residents would be addressed, but the residents’ emails did not suit Mr. Sun.

Emphasizing the importance of providing polite feedback, she wrote on Facebook: “There are ‘hows’ to give feedback and ‘hows’ to give feedback. I hope as a society we try to be polite and not use bad language to get the point across.”

Many agreed with the politicians’ call, saying residents could have expressed their grievances in a more polite manner. Some even called the resident a racist and xenophobic man, considering several points made in his e-mail, noting how justified his complaints were. Some even went so far as to say the emails were offensive.

Others, however, are less sympathetic. Some netizens even viewed her Facebook post as “unprofessional” or a virtue appeal.

As u/AbelAngJQ said on the Singapore subreddit: Just wondering why she should share it with the public. Part of the job is dealing with the tyrannical and demanding residents. She is in the mood to show virtue and beg for sympathy. “Oh, look at these mean guys, I’m being very polite. I got the job done in the end, so give me a push.”

He added, “All this, I feel, proves that being rude and disrespectful to members of parliament, to city councilors, to servants in general, will get you what you want. It’s counterproductive.” His comment received 280 upvotes.

Another Redditor, u/LeatherTanker, said: Whether she is trying to gain sympathy or she is anonymously trying to humiliate the public, it will tarnish her image politically. Not a good move, especially when the election is approaching.

“It’s pretty unprofessional to post it publicly. As a public figure serving the community, she should understand that receiving vulgar language is also part of her job, etc.” Do you live in Wonderland or something? She needs to learn to have better control over her emotions and actions or this job isn’t for her.”

Given Son’s hefty salary of $770,000 as secretary of state, some say handling all kinds of complaints should be part of the job. This does not include his MP allowance.

Many netizens also understand where this resident came from, speculating that his rudeness may be due to his frustration at raising these issues for some time without proper means. doing.

In one of several similar comments by netizens, redditor u/accessdenied65 said: Thus vulgarity and rudeness are born. Of course, they will fix the problem first and then publish the vulgar email. “

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