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SINGAPORE: A Reddit user asked what are the things that need to improve in Singapore.

u/Xingjiangpore shared in r/askSingapore the two areas of life in Singapore that need to improve. 

The user stated: “Housing affordability..  Some surveys a while back said SG has overtaken HK for the most expensive housing in the world and also we rank equal with New York for the most expensive rents. But we are not paid new york wages. Even getting a 3/4 room flat in a non mature estate needs a 25 year loan on a combined income.” 

“Working culture.. Long hours, high stress, highly competitive and most unhappy employees on the planet,” he added.

Others gave their ideas and opinions. 

One user commented on the need for a medical certificate for employees to get sick leave. The comment mentioned: “This clutters up the clinics/hospitals unnecessarily. Some people are just down with a minor illness that can be resolved with a simple home rest. Why must die die waste money to go to a clinic and waste everybody’s time and resources just so to prove that the employee is sick?.. If employees abuse the sick leave, just fire them. Employees should be given more trust in my opinion.” 

Another person called for tighter anti-discrimination laws, especially for housing. 

“I should not have to be told ‘sorry, we don’t rent to your race’ after serving 2 years NS. Many try to justify it as ‘landlord has the right to choose’, but excluding people solely on the basis of race is racist, no matter what you say to try and justify it. Minorities therefore struggle to find housing to rent because a lot of doors seem to close for us,” the commenter shared. 

This gained a reply from another user saying: “A lot of these people think it’s okay because it doesn’t happen to them often enough so they can tell you so. A lot of things would change if people from that group suddenly became the target of such discrimination. For now it’s just not their problem so they don’t care.” 

Another commented on “shame culture”, saying “there needs to be more live and let-live”. 

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