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Tricky terrain, airport runway

Those who choose domestic flights tend to be aware of the risks involved.

“Nepal has a history of aviation accidents, but they don’t happen all the time,” said Waldron.

“But you should be aware that wherever you fly, especially in some of the less developed markets like Nepal and perhaps Africa, there is great beauty and adventure. is also accompanied.”

He advised travelers to “look very carefully” at airline records before booking flights.

According to reports, the Himalayan country’s treacherous terrain and capricious weather conditions, along with its tricky airport runways, can challenge even seasoned pilots.

“You are battling very rough terrain. The weather is very difficult and there are also very difficult high wind conditions. It can change quickly,” Waldron explains.

Flying in Nepal now requires pilots to take a “very tight approach to small airports” and navigate “short runways,” said Michael Boyd, president and CEO of Boyd Group International. added.

“If something goes wrong with the plane[in Nepal]there are not many places to go.

Boyd, who also spoke at the CNA’s Asia First program on Monday, said “the big concern is Nepal’s topography, not whether Nepal’s air transport system is safer than anywhere else.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s dangerous, but it’s far more vulnerable to accidents than anywhere else in the world.”

Nevertheless, knowing these threats, “we must mitigate the risks associated with them by using the latest technology in the terrain and training of special flight crews,” said Captain Amit. Added.

Driving, walking as alternative modes

Traveling by land in a landlocked country is also an option. Some online travel guides emphasize the safety of driving in Nepal over taking domestic flights.

According to Lonely Planet, renting your own wheels allows travelers to “explore and get off the beaten track on their own, especially in remote areas where public transport is limited or infrequent.” will be.”

There are no self-driving car rentals in Nepal, but for interested travelers, travel agents across the country can arrange cars or jeeps with local drivers.

Goodey of Lost Earth Adventures also recommended hiring a private jeep and driver to cross the Kathmandu valley. Because the roads are dangerous and “public transport has problems”.

“The roads are bumpy, so it’s more comfortable and you can ask the driver to drive as fast as you like,” he said.

However, driving in Nepal has its own drawbacks.

“We recommend the road access for backpackers with time on their hands,” says Captain Amit.

“Tourism in and around Kathmandu is limited when visitors need to get a real feel for Nepal’s mountains and culture. Alternative options like cableways can help increase access. ”

An avid cyclist, Koh pointed out that while many places in Nepal may be accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicle, some may find the journey too long. It warned that traveling in a wheel drive vehicle is not always safe.

“Rocks fall from hills. There are also steep ravines where many cars fell,” he said.

If travelers aren’t bound by time, Mr. Goody suggests walking over a car or plane.

“Wherever there is an airport in Nepal, you can walk from the road if you have the time. The most popular trek is Everest Base Camp, which takes two weeks on foot if you fly to Lukla. It’s the high-altitude runway that became the site of the disaster,” he explained.

“It takes a month to walk from Jiri, but you go through parts of Nepal that most people don’t see. .” Nepal plane crash: Despite risks, domestic flights still ‘most efficient’ transport

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