Human beings are a beautiful creation of God. The almighty has bestowed immense power and capabilities to its beloved creation. But no two individuals are same .Each one has different perspective and intelligence. The way each supplements and respond depends upon its way of acquiring things. Some are naturally skilled and posses bountiful talents while some move with their own pace and potential. Some posses better coordination and are good athletics, some are expert in picking up language and vocabulary , some are good at numbers and visualizing patterns.

People need an outlook to understand their capabilities and capacities and move forward choosing the best career and excel professionally. The saddest part in today’s world is that parents are pestering their children opting a career just opposite their calibre ending in dissatisfaction and anxiety in one’s life.So,it is very important and crucial on the part of parents and teachers to identify the type of intelligence one holds and work upon that directions.

The “Theory of Multiple Intelligences” helps or guides in having a better sense of the skills and capabilities. Howard Gardener, a Psychologistand professor at Harvard University first introduced in his 1983 book “Frames of Mind” that there are eight types of human intelligence – each reflecting varied ways how a person best processes information.

 The different types of intelligence are :

1.Spatial intelligence -These kind of children have visual and spatial judgement. They draw for fun, are good at puzzles , recognizes patterns , interprets visuals well.

2.Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence –They are excellent in physical movements and motor control. These children are good at sports ,remembers by doing instead of hearing or seeing.Theyposses excellent physical coordination.

3.Musical Intelligence- They have great sense of rhythm and music.These children have great appreciation for music and thinks in terms of sounds and patterns.

  1. Linguistic Intelligence – These kind of children have words ,language and writing intelligence. These children have great skill in writing ,reading,public speaking. They are very persuasive.

5.Logical-mathematical skill – They have analyzing power and good at mathematical operations. Theyare fast problem solver, understands complex computations, likes thinking about abstract ideas .

  1. Interpersonal Intelligence- These children areunderstanding and relating to others. They have strong emotional intelligence skill, are skilled in creating healthy relationship and are good at solving conflicts.

7.Intrapersonal Intelligence- They introspect and have self reflection. They have the capabilities of understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses. They are highly self- aware and are sensitive to one’s own feelings.

  1. Naturalistic Intelligence -They are sensitive towards nature and have great appreciation for nature. These children have interest in botany ,biology, zoology. They enjoys activities like camping , gardening etc.

The teachers and the parents should be extremely sensitive towards the interest of children and redirecting their potential towards right direction .The understanding of the unique areas of intelligence and building upon those strengths are a prime responsibility of all bestowed upon with  the responsibility of an individual.

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