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MOSCOW – Russia said on Thursday that its security forces had thwarted an attempt by a group of Ukrainian “saboteurs” to infiltrate Russia via the southern Bryansk region that borders Ukraine.

The announcement came a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that saboteurs are active inside Russia.

“Today, the border department of the FSB (Security Service) of the Bryansk region thwarted an attempt by a group of 20 Ukrainian saboteurs to enter the Russian Federation near the village of Slukovsk,” said regional governor Alexander Bogomaz said on Telegram. .

The Russian Defense Ministry said the Russian military, in cooperation with the FSB, “defeated an attempt to invade the territory of the Russian Federation” by more than 15 people.

“The sabotage group was disbanded and, having suffered losses, withdrew to Ukrainian territory,” the ministry said in a statement.

A video posted online appeared to claim the invasion by the Russian Militia, a far-right Russian nationalist group fighting on the side of Ukraine.

Some members were seen talking to locals and firing weapons.

AFP was unable to independently verify the video.

Slukhovsk, a Russian village on the border with northern Ukraine, is relatively remote from active combat areas. Moscow says attempts by Ukrainian ‘saboteurs’ to enter Russia failed

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