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HONG KONG – Joao Moreira has admitted he is still slightly short of full fitness, but the four-time Hong Kong champion will attempt a quick attack as he resumes at Sha Tin on Sunday.

Moreira has just returned from Brazil, where he underwent surgery in the offseason.

After attending a trial in Sha Tin on Friday morning, he is ready to joust again with arch-rival Zach Parton for the 10th season.

Moreira, who has booked eight rides, is confident he will be in top shape soon after struggling physically last season.

“Honestly, I can’t say I’m 100% fit.

“I have been working hard, training hard and doing everything I can to get back to peak fitness.

“But I think at this stage it’s going to be 90%.

“Give me two more weeks and I’ll be back to peak fitness and health.

“I had a few surgeries and they made me feel so much better. We may need a little more time.”

Contending for the first section of Manfred Mann’s Class 4 Bedford Handicap (1,200 m, dirt), E Brother is in his ride.

“He gave me a good feel for the track work and I would be very surprised if he didn’t go there and try his best. He is a dirt horse and his form does it. It shows, and I am very happy to be able to ride on his back.

“Last season he was up against some really decent horses on all-weather tracks.

“If he can bring the same kind of form, that’s enough to be a very competitive and beaten horse.

“I’m sure he will be competitive.”

Moreira’s return to Hong Kong was delayed due to ongoing injuries requiring treatment abroad during the offseason.

After arriving on Sept. 10, he had to miss the first Sha Tin horse race of 2022-2023 on Sept. 11 to undergo a three-day mandatory quarantine in Hong Kong. did. -HKJC Moreira eager to offset Hong Kong start delay, latest racing news

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