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ZIBRO: More than 36,000 people are now displaced from their homes by illegal activities. Deadly floods in northeastern Italylocal officials said on Saturday (May 20) that rising waters had swallowed more homes and new landslides had isolated communities.

Torrential rains earlier this week turned the streets of cities and towns in Emilia-Romagna into rivers, killing 14 people.

Further rainfall prompted local authorities to extend the red weather warning until Sunday.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni announced on Saturday that she was leaving Italy. G7 summit in Japan Respond quickly to emergencies.

“Frankly, we cannot afford to be so far from Italy in such a complicated time,” she told reporters, referring to rescue workers and volunteers who have been mobilized to help those affected by the floods. I thanked the 5,000 people of

She also thanked other G7 leaders for their offers of help.

Meloni was expected to visit some of the hardest-hit areas on Sunday.

Ravenna authorities on Saturday ordered immediate evacuation to more endangered settlements.

Fire officials said one of the four people on board was injured when a helicopter participating in power restoration work crashed near Lugo on Saturday. More than 36,000 displaced in Italian floods

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