Moms share tips and tricks for becoming stupid moms

Stupidity induces laughter, and laughter is the best medicine. It’s really fun to be a stupid mom. Shubhada, who continues to share her parenting experience with @shub_sg, shares her tips and tricks, and why being a stupid mom is rewarded.

Read these tips and tricks on how to be a stupid mom.

Well, this comes to me naturally, but lemme details how you indulge in super stupidity and how your kid loves all the idiots you bring to the table. I will explain.

  • Don’t be a serious and strict 24×7365 mom! It’s boring not only for children, but for everyone else in the family, and most importantly it will come at a cost to you. Play the avatar for at least a few hours a week.
  • Behavioral Blurring-Children are very fond of the fact that their parents are slow or unaware of their tendencies, which greatly enhances their mood.
  • Unpredictable – Children ROFL when they sing a song out loud or suddenly take a dance step in the middle of it.
  • Energetic games such as Hiden Seek, Marco Polo and Tagging work very well. You can also play indoors. [take care of safety please at all times]..
  • Let’s be dramatic. Kids love when they act like Disney villains and recite famous conversations. One of the things I do is translate English conversations into pure Hindi while watching a movie. It’s a strangely satisfying pleasure for all involved.
  • Cooking with kids – OMG! This is another favorite activity, allowing kids to improvise (and spoil) recipes.
  • Water – The best way to do nonsense is to play in the water. Splashing each other never fails. [take care of safety at all times]
  • Be creative and throw away your usual play – painting, drawing, building blocks, we all did it over and over again. Think out of the box or play the same play differently. Example: I play Lego with them and make something weird. My Lego fans do faster and much better than I do and laugh out loud at my “creations”.

Try my tips and be ridiculous! It’s insane fun. After all, we all have to laugh out loud at all times, stress busters. #positivevibes

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Moms share tips and tricks for becoming stupid moms

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