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SINGAPORE – A petition for a pending and overhaul of the Selective Mass Redevelopment Scheme (Sers) has been dismissed by the government as it is not expected that more sites will be subject to the ‘very selective’ scheme. rice field.

Most of the projects with high redevelopment potential have already been selected and therefore an extensive review of Sers is ‘unnecessary’, the Ministry of National Development (MND) will process a petition filed by Progress Singapore. said in a written response to a parliamentary committee. Party (PSP) MP Leong Mun Wai in August.

Leong has filed a petition with the parliament on behalf of five residents of Ang Mo Kio calling for a temporary suspension of the project and a complete review of compensation and re-housing options offered to affected residents. I was.

housing commission Select Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 Blocks 562 to 565 for Sers In April, residents complained about having to pay more to buy similarly sized replacement units in less desirable locations.

The Ang Mo Kio Sers exercise is not the first time residents affected by the Sers have had to pay extra to purchase replacement apartments, the MND said in a statement to the Public Petitions Commission. In my reply, I mentioned the 2003 Commonwealth Drive and 2016 West Coast Road Sers exercises as examples.

The eight-member committee, chaired by National Assembly Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin and including Leong, submitted a report on the petition to parliament on Thursday.

The report released to the media included three written responses from MND between September 16th and November 14th.

In response to various points in the petition, MND said the design and evaluation approach for the Ang Mo Kio Sers package was the same as previous Sers exercises and had not changed since the scheme was launched in 1995. .

Only 5% of all HDB flats are suitable for Sers. Appraisals of apartments acquired under Sers are transparent and are independently conducted by private licensed appraisers.

The only difference between the Ang Mo Kio exercise and the previous exercise is the addition of two additional re-accommodation options. 50-year lease and lease buy-back option – The MND said it was introduced to address residents’ concerns.

The commission asked why the HDB offered the new option to the affected residents of Ang Mo Kio Ser three months after being notified of the compensation package.

In response, MND said HDB is responding to feedback and concerns from residents. Especially an elderly man who wants a similarly sized alternative apartment but newly he doesn’t need a 99 year lease.

For recruitment, MND cited the 2016 West Coast Road Sers exercise. The exercise required the owner of his four-room apartment of 92 square meters to add $23,000 to a similarly sized replacement apartment on Clementia Avenue 1. Owners of three-room flats of 67 or 68 square meters had to pay an additional $7,000.

Those who chose similarly sized apartments on the second alternative site in West Coast Crescent didn’t have to pay extra. MND has denied a petition seeking a review of Sers. Because no more eligible sites are expected.

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