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When a minimart owner noticed a group of teenagers shoplifting, he decided not to go with the usual method of calling the police.

Instead, he turned to social media.

Facebook user Tian Zhu, who owns a minimart at Bukit Batok Street 21, posted a series of screenshots of teenagers taken with his CCTV camera to the Complaint Singapore group on October 6.

He then urged them to return to the minimart within two days to pay.

He also warned other shopkeepers in the Bukit Batok area to “be careful and be careful.”

A series of photos showed two boys and a girl wandering the aisles of a store.

Tian Zhu claimed to have stolen a vial of absolute vodka and a packet of Maggi’s “five minute mashed potatoes” and stuffed them into a white bag.

Netizens offer to pay

When a netizen contacted Tian Zhu and offered to make a payment on behalf of the teenager, he declined the offer.

“Don’t pay them. They won’t learn anything,” he replied, prompting netizens to ask the trio to return to the store if they knew them.

It was not clear why the person offered to pay.

Meanwhile, other netizens praised Tian Zhu for being kind enough not to report the shoplifter to the police. Minimart posts CCTV of kids shoplifting, rejects stranger’s offer to pay, Singapore latest news

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