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Schools continuing their own role in the 3-year course

MI principal Tan Wan Yu said the school will continue to play a unique role in the three-year track compared to the two-year programs offered by junior colleges.

“We always try to stay relevant to students who need a place with a lot of flexibility and porosity to explore what they really want and what they are good at,” she added.

“Students can grow at their own pace while still pursuing their own interests and continuing to develop other areas.”

Our school accepts about three transfer students from junior colleges every year.

For example, MI student Zhou Ling did so for a less busy student life.

“MI has three years, so it takes time to learn English. JC is busy in a hurry, so I think the pace of MI suits me.” Millenia Institute Celebrates 20th Anniversary: ​​Schools Still Play a Key Role for Students Who Need Fast-paced Learning

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