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MIAMI – Miami Mayor Francis Suarez will seek to disrupt the race by joining the crowded Republican nominee on Wednesday, applying to run for president in the United States, according to Federal Election Commission documents. The superiority of former President Donald Trump.

Suarez, 45, is expected to make the formal announcement on Thursday in a speech he promised his supporters.

He joins dozens of candidates, all trailing the former president, who was twice indicted, in polls.

Suarez is one of three candidates from Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis And since Trump left the White House, he has lived in the palatial Mar-a-Lago mansion.

The majority of Republican voters will face off in the first debate, scheduled for August 23.

The winner of the primary will face the Democratic nominee (likely to be President Joe Biden) on the November 2024 ballot. AFPMore Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Petitions to Run for US President

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