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Nairobi: Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has filed an appeal in Kenya, challenging a ruling that said the company could be sued in the East African country, despite having no public presence there.

A Kenyan labor court ruled earlier this month that Meta could be sued in the country after a former content moderator filed a lawsuit claiming poor working conditions.

In an appeal confirmed by Reuters on Tuesday, the US company challenged the court’s finding that a Kenyan court had jurisdiction over Meta.

Meta outsourced content moderation work through Sama, which is headquartered in the United States and has operations in Kenya. Sama said last month that Meta’s content would not offer his moderation services.

The lawsuit was brought by former content moderator Daniel Motaung on behalf of a group of former Sama employees.

It requires financial compensation, outsourced moderators to have the same health care and wage standards as Meta employees, union rights to be protected, and an independent human rights audit of the office. Meta appeals Kenyan court decision that could be sued in Kenya

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