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PARIS: Renault’s longtime partner in the van sector, the Mercedes-Benz Group, will not participate in the French company’s Flex Evans electric vehicle project, instead focusing on its own luxury electric vehicle VAN.EA. , said two sources familiar with the matter.

Due to go on sale in 2026, the FlexEvan is being developed for the Renault and Nissan brands, with sources saying that Swedish Volvo-owned Renault Trucks could join them.

A Mercedes spokeswoman confirmed that the group has no plans to launch midsize or large vans on a platform different from VAN.EA. Renault declined to comment.

Renault and Mercedes now have only one joint joint project after the collapse of demand for the diesel engines Renault sold to its German partners and the termination of the joint project on the Twingo smart car. Its first electric version, the small Sitambang. is on sale. Renault has long sought to expand its cooperation with Mercedes in the van sector, to no avail. “It’s true that (most of the cooperation with Mercedes) has been completed in terms of light commercial vehicles,” said one of the sources. Under CEO Luca de Meo, Renault has increased partnerships outside of its historic partnerships with Nissan and Daimler championed by its predecessor Carlos Ghosn. A specific project between Renault and Mercedes is not being actively considered, a third person said, adding that new incentive programs such as the U.S. Inflation Control Act and similar European measures could lead to the sharing of manufacturing facilities. He added that the two companies could work together. Mercedes won’t join Renault’s new electric van project, sources say

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