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When the Chu brothers told the bank boss that they were going to sell chicken rice, the bank boss thought it was a joke.

Dave Chu, 32, said, “My boss was actually mad at me. He used to take my brother and brother Lincoln and Ken to the same bank, where they became top performers in the same department, and the same people.” reported to

“They asked me to tell you which competitors are poaching you.

They bought it only when their boss saw them struggling at the Nam Kee Chicken Rice restaurant. So are the reasons for giving up a successful career during the pandemic.

To find out what they are, CNA Lifestyle spoke to the restaurant’s second generation owner, Chew Chee Juai, and his three sons.

One of Singapore’s oldest chicken rice stalls

Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant (not to be confused with a competing restaurant chain) was founded on Hainan Island by Mr. Chu’s late father in 1968 before finding his way to Upper Thomson. He was just 6 years old. Meet Brothers Who Quit Banking To Take Over Their Father’s Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant

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