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Mon - Fri: 7AM - 7PM

With their supple, toned limbs, six-pack abs (of course), charming smiles, and impressive social media followers (we’re talking millions here), it’s easy to become a celebrity. It’s easy to want to emulate a yoga instructor. Like they do in tight lycra wear and man buns.

Dress up in lululemon’s best outfits and meet five celebrity yogis at Glow Festival 2023, February 4-12. Initiation at Sentosa.

The studio space, roughly the size of four tennis courts in Marina Bay Sands’ indoor Expo Hall, is where these professionals get their heart rate up and fine-tune their balance. In case you’re wondering “who?”, here’s an overview of his five yoga trainers in town. Classes are ticketed.

1. Hiro Landazuli, 37 Meet 5 Famous Yoga Instructors Leading the Wellness Scene at Glow Festival

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